After submitting a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis at the dean’s office, each university verifies it in the anti-plagiarism system to check its authenticity. We offer our clients verification of texts in the same system, thanks to which you can be sure that your work will be allowed to defend in accordance with the university’s requirements.

When purchasing the entire work pattern completely free of charge:

  • we make corrections in the text at the Customer’s request;
  • we verify all the text in the anti-plagiarism system, confirming its authenticity;
  • we create lists of: content, literature, tables and drawings;
  • we adjust the work in technical terms to the requirements of the university.

The Plagiat system is a tool enabling control of the originality of the documents examined. Its task is to accurately determine the scope of possible similarities in the checked text in comparison to the content in databases, the Internet, the RedBooks database and the Database of Legal Acts.

The system provides the User with the above information allowing to make an independent assessment whether the borrowings found in the content of the analyzed document are legitimate.

The task of the system is not to perform an independent assessment of whether the tested document was written on its own, but only to provide material for its implementation. Therefore, the Affinity Report should always be analyzed by a competent person.

In particular, work should not be evaluated based solely on indicators (percentages) of similarity coefficients. It is necessary to check in the content of the document whether the quotations are correctly marked and whether they come from documents that have been listed in the bibliography

Work that exceeds the acceptable values of similarity factors can not be automatically considered as plagiarism.

Due to the accepted methods of analyzing similarities, the system also detects expressions (phraseological compounds) that are commonly used in English, eg “for this reason, you can”, “you can get the impression that”, “it is worth remembering that “. Credits of this type of expressions to the total pool of borrowings, and their impact on the percentage of similarity of the Report, for texts in English should not, however, exceed 5%.

The analysis carried out by the Antiplatag system shows that in the case of texts containing a lot of phrases taken from the professional language, the similarity coefficient increases significantly. As a result, part of the work gets a relatively high ratio, and a detailed analysis of the Similarity Reports shows that they do not contain unacceptable borrowings.

Increased values of similarity coefficients do not prejudge the plagiarism. The works carried out by the PiszemyPrace.pl team are always marked with footnotes indicating the source of their taking. The text marked with the footnote can not be treated as plagiarism.